As you well know, things are wrong, in any sector, whatever it is that we put to work, at the moment I lack the economic means, to grow personally and professionally.


I ask you for a donation through the link above indicated, regardless of the amount. Any amount would do me good for my professional life, pay for interpretation studies, like learning to speak and write in other languages.


In the same way, I could use any amount in collaboration with my cause, to continue developing this web page, as creating audiovisual content, or to create my own theater group.


If you like this website, if you want and you can, I ask you for an economic collaboration. Even if it's minimal.


Thank you




Thank you. the first thing, first of all, if you have come to read so far, on my website.

There is another way to collaborate in my cause, is to download my book for $ 0.99.

It has a content of approximately 7 pages, I'm starting to write my second book and publish it on Amazon.

I leave here the link, in case someone wants to download the book, from Amazon, all they have to do is click on the image and access Amazon directly. THANK YOU VERY MUCH