Hello dear visitors of English language, my country is living in some circumstances, outside of normality, sectors of my country, are suffering repression, please help my country, which is run by a gang of corrupt, thieves, and without any kind of scrupulous.

The police charges against Catalonia on October 1st, demonstrate, once again, that we are not a free country, as they want to sell our corrupt politicians abroad.

We are still a country that suffers the inheritance of a dictator called Franco, whom Mariano rajoy admires, we are governed by the extreme right wing, in my country, politicians enter poor as politicians and leave rich.

This is no joke, we have the case of a gentleman who entered the prison, who the same inaguro when he was political. They have condemned the Spanish justice for several crimes, had also, fiscal paradises.

Meanwhile, we have a king, who whenever a big problem arises, disappears, that if, the salary rises in full crisis, a king, who, the husband of his sister, has been convicted of stealing millions of euros, you can get an idea of ​​how my country is right now.

I ask for help, to intervene people out of here, we already have political prisoners, on the subject of Catalonia's independence.

Thank you, greetings to all.